Johny Watches: Toronto's Premier Destination for Luxury Timepieces

Founded in 1999 by John Ansari, Johny Watches was built on the principle that acquiring a prestigious timepiece should be more than just a transaction – it should be an exceptional, seamless experience. With over 15 years of expertise in contemporary and vintage watches, John, along with his skilled watchmakers and sales personnel, continually explore new styles and pieces to stay current with the ever-evolving world of timepieces.

Located in Toronto, Johny Watches specializes in a diverse range of pre-owned and new luxury watches from the world's most renowned watchmakers. Our curated collection includes prestigious brands such as Audemars Piguet, Rolex, Patek Philippe, and many more. We offer trading, direct selling, and consignment options, providing a constantly rotating selection of certified pre-owned timepieces at affordable prices.

At Johny Watches, we value authenticity, expertise, and excellence, striving to deliver an enjoyable experience for our clients. Our passion for the elegance and intricacy of the watches we carry drives us to share that same excitement with our customers.

Please note that Johny Watches is not an authorized dealer or repair center for any watch brands we sell and is not endorsed by or affiliated with these brands. Nonetheless, we are dedicated to ensuring the highest level of authenticity, quality, and service in the pre-owned watch market.

Our website serves as a catalog showcasing our exceptional collection, exclusively catering to local sales in the Toronto area without offering shipping services. Visit Johny Watches today and discover the perfect timepiece to match your style and needs.